Scissor Lift Stand Down May 4-10, 2014 Information is here

The CSR-EM Alliance , OSHA Braintree Area Office and New England Safety Training Alliance (NEST) have announced the latest in a series of region-wide “stand down” training events:

Scissor Lift Awareness Stand Down

Any Time the Week of May 4-10, 2014 

All companies and organizations are urged to participate, by holding a 30- minute training session any morning that week, at your own facility/ worksite(s), to raise safety awareness about Crushing Hazards on Scissor Lifts in the Construction Industry.

See the official  Flyer and introduction Scissor Lift 4914, listing all of the participating associations.

This Scissor Lift Awareness Stand Down is in response to five fatal Caught-in-Between (CIB) accidents recorded in New England during the month of December 2013. Two of these CIB accidents were scissor lift operators and one was operating an aerial lift, so OSHA and the NEST Alliance put together some basic hazard awareness training material, and have scheduled this event, which is similar to the “Mirror Check” and “Electrical Roll-Up” events last year.  Since aerial lifts and work platforms are so commonly used in construction, and so inherently dangerous, it is essential for every contractor to provide the training required for the safe use of this equipment.

Below is a list and links to ample material to allow an in-house trainer to provide a quality “Toolbox” or “Tailgate” type talk at their location and at their own pace,  with an equipment inspection component.

1)    NEST Alliance Aerial lift Training 4914  PowerPoint version of training can be used directly or modified for your site with your organizations logos and pictures.    NEST Alliance Aerial lift Training 4914    PDF version of PowerPoint Presentation

2)     Notre Dame Accident hazard_alert  regarding the effects of wind on Scissor Lifts.

3)    ToolboxTalk_1217 Scissor Lift Safety

4)     CDC FACE two Reports Scissor lift Crushing on scissor lift fatalities and recommendations

5)     Stand Down Survey/ Evaluation:  Participating organizations are asked to printout the evaluation in advance and document the training via their own internal attendance sheets then complete an online course evaluation which will assist in determining of the effectiveness of this event. Please coordinate the totals for your facility/location and have one course evaluation completed per facility/location: :

         6)      INSTRUCTORS – PLEASE VIEW VIDEO AS PART OF TRAINING: – Scissor-Lift Pre-Start Inspection  with 4,102 current views at prior to your trainings

If you have any questions about this “Stand Down,” contact Timothy Irving, OSHA Region One Compliance Assistance Specialist, at 617-565-6924, ext. 631 or email questions to







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